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Open Source Contributions

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Security related

JFileSync3 - Encrypted File Syncing for the cloud

Generic Tools

dinistiq - Minimalistic Dependency Injection for Java

trackdown - Lightweight Issue Tracking with plain Markdown for distributed teams.

CoreMedia related

CoConAT Content Access Tool for CoreMedia Content Repositories in different languages. Extracted from Tangram CoreMedia Adaptor CoMA.

Hello World minimal Content preparator Tool for CoreMedia CMS-9.

Playbooks and Container for Host preparation in the Cloud for CoreMedia CMS-9 and LiveContext-3 Systems.

Server and Tools - Simple CoreMedia 7 Content Management Server packages with gradle (Sufficient for Tangram CoMA CoreMedia adaptor exampl)

Web Publishing and Application related

Tangram - Modular dynamic and object oriented web templating framework with limited editing capabilities

Tangram Examples - Example applications for the different flavours of tangram